Amber is a gifted Music Therapist who truly believes in helping individuals find their voice through music. She thoughtfully planned lessons and activities for six adults and led them in physical and vocal exercises. The individuals in my class enjoyed their time with Amber and I saw monumental growth in their voice projection/clarity and movement. – Megan Nyberg


Amber worked with me as a music therapist with adults with disabilities. Her ability to listen to each person’s unique strengths was amazing. She has a gift for music and helping others to find their gifts through music as well. – Claire Benway MA


Music therapy is the use of music to approach non-musical goals. Music is the vehicle in which we can get to where we need to go. Music engages all areas of our brain. Using music as a tool will help us to reach a variety of goals in a functional and engaging way. 

Music therapy can approach various goals in these domains:

  • Speech/Social
  • Sensory/Motor
  • Emotional/Behavioral/Cognitive
  • Wellness/Quality of Life

Let’s break it down: We may learn a new song in music therapy but the purpose is not just to learn the song, the goal may be to improve sustained attention. We may learn how to play an instrument in music therapy, but the purpose is not to learn the instrument, it may be to improve fine motor skills. 


Music Therapy Services Offered (call for pricing):

Primary population served – adults with disabilities

  • 1:1 sessions
  • Small group sessions
  • Large group sessions



Private Pay


Consumer-Directed Community Supports Funding (CDCS)